By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
October 11, 2016|8:15 am

"You're a Cult!" "No, You Are!"

 If your ministry has never been called a cult, "you probably are not doing squat" in the Kingdom, said Pastor Craig Groeschel on Thursday, decrying how Christians too often take shots at each other.

Speaking before thousands at the Catalyst Atlanta conference at the Infinite Energy Arena, the pastor of Life Church in Oklahoma, which now has 25 campuses, recounted a time when a guy eager to evangelize knocked on his front door, began sharing his faith, and invited him to come to his church.

Amused by his enthusiasm, Groeschel let him go on for several minutes before telling him that he was not only a follower of Jesus but a part of Life Church. The evangelist recoiled and then looked around nervously, not knowing Groeschel was the pastor, leaned in and said: "My pastor says your pastor doesn't preach the truth."
"I wonder how much it grieves the heart of God, how often we as Jesus followers takes shots at one another," Groeschel said.