By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
October 20, 2016|7:37 am

How Should Christian Parents Deal With Halloween?

Trinity Church in Arizona pastor Mark Driscoll has said that Christians will again be faced with a dilemma this Halloween season about how to respond to the celebration, and said that the three choices ahead of them are "receive, reject, or redeem."

Driscoll pointed out in his video message on Monday answering a reader's question that Christians in different parts of the world and throughout history have had many different approaches to the various holidays and events of the calendar year, from Halloween to Easter to Christmas, and even birthdays.

The pastor outlined this long history and the great deal of positions Christians have taken on the holidays, and said that nowadays there is no universally agreed upon way that works for all people.

The specific question that Driscoll attempted to answer was: "I'd like to know if Christians should celebrate Halloween? Is this appropriate for someone who is seeking God?"

The pastor argued that whatever Christian families decide, they need to turn to prayer and God for guidance.