By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
October 28, 2016|10:40 am

Church of England (Photo: Reuters/Phil Noble)

Members of the clergy enter York Minster before a service to consecrate Reverend Libby Lane as the first female bishop in the Church of England, in York, northern England, January 26, 2015.

A priest within the Church of England has been defrocked after his estranged wife exposed his double-life of participating in orgy parties and hiring prostitutes.

The Rev. James Day, the father of three children, was also accused of having committed violent acts against his wife, Birte Day.

The Telegraph reports that the Bishop's Disciplinary Tribunal for the Diocese of Europe examined four memory sticks of evidence containing pornographic images and explicit emails the priest sent about his gay liaisons, and found his conduct "unbecoming and inappropriate."

Day has since been banned from ministry for life.

"It also heard how Day stored 'a substantial amount' of 'depraved and perverted' pornography and indecent material on his computer — including sketches of naked women being tortured and burned," according to The Telegraph.

"There was also proof the priest — who is also a psychology professor — took part in group sex, sought out sex with prostitutes, visited gay saunas and used a fake name to meet new partners."

Birte Day said she had confronted her husband about his extra-marital activities, which he did not deny, and instead tried to convince her that his sexual practices and behavior were normal.

"He was not embarrassed that I knew about his sexual activities outside our marriage, and he readily admitted to them," she said.

The priest's wife also said that he had turned violent against her, and in a 2012 incident grabbed a scarf she was wearing in a manner that made it difficult for her to breathe.

"The grasp was strong, powerful and menacing," she added. "He tried to pull the ends close together to the point where I had difficulties breathing."

The Rev. Day, who was assistant chaplain at the English Church in Ostend, Belgium, did not attend the tribunal, but has claimed in his defense that he has obtained dozens of letters "that would cast serious doubt on the credibility of his wife."

The Daily Mail noted that the couple became estranged in 2012, after the priest allegedly started neglecting his wife and spending more and more time online.

"Sometimes he did not close off websites that he had visited, so I was able to see what those websites were — some were of gay clubs," she explained.

The tribunal reportedly admitted that much of the priest's conduct, such as his possession of pornography, was not against the law, but argued that "standards for the clergy — must be different."

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