By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
October 27, 2016|8:04 am

Can Your Prayers Make God Angry?

Some Christians desire to pray more, but might be hesitant to do so because they simply don't know what to say. Not to worry, says the Rev. Billy Graham, just be open and personal with God. Believers can talk to Him even as they were little children.

In a recent post on his website on Saturday, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Graham urges readers to think back to when their children were small and first learning how to talk.

As parents, they weren't offended when their children made a mistake while trying to speak, or got their words confused, Graham explains. They were likely very pleased by their attempts to talk with them, perhaps rewarding their efforts and encouraging them to continue.

Graham says the same can be said about God. "In a far greater way, this is how God sees us. When we come to Christ and by faith commit our lives to Him, we become His children," he adds.