Pastor's Corner

The Sexual Revolution Is a Competing Faith

Mark Creech

We mostly think of idolatry as something long abandoned to the past. But just as sure as the gods of the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Romans of yesteryear clashed with the bearers of true religion, it is no less true today.

7 Heartbreaking Ironies of the American Church

Shane Pruitt

In 1995, Alanis Morissette released her song "Ironic", and it was a huge hit in the United States! The song was nominated for two Grammys, and its video was nominated for six MTV video music awards. Ironically, the song grabbed the attention of many English majors, because the song was more about unfortunate circumstances than irony.

Pastors: They're Coming After You!

Michael Brown

So I'll admit it. I did come up with the title of this article for shock value, but the fact is, you need to be shocked. In other words, the title may be sensational, but it is only sensational because it is true.

Why Evangelicals Calling for Trump to Withdraw Are Wrong

Donald Trump

It's easy to understand why some evangelical public figures and publications have called on Donald Trump to withdraw from the Presidential race. Widely respected evangelical pastor John Piper's call for both Trump and Hillary Clinton to withdraw better reflects the impartiality of Biblical justice — and the reality of the two candidates' flaws.

Jonathan Cahn: I'm Not Part of the 'Blood Moon Industry'

Jonathan Cahn

Just when I thought it was going to be an uneventful night, I was blessed with a little excitement. I'm writing this in a hotel room in California preparing to minister on television tomorrow — when I just happened to be looking at the Christian Post and to my surprise saw an attack piece by a man named Jerry Bowyer … largely concerning me.

To Overcome Racism, Loving Thy Neighbor Isn't Enough

Mac Pier

As Christians, the second greatest commandment we've been given is to "love thy neighbor." And while most believers adhere to that principle, for the most part, it is important to remember that most Christians in America tend to live within neighborhoods where their neighbors look alike — that is, there is not much racial diversity.

Church News

A.R. Bernard, Movement Day Global Cities, Christian Cultural Center,
(Photo: The Christian Post/Leonardo Blair)

Teaching Poor About God's Prosperity and Abundance 'Makes Sense,' Megachurch Pastor AR Bernard Says

Pastor A.R. Bernard, founder of New York City's largest evangelical congregation, the Christian Cultural Center, says teaching the poor about God's prosperity and abundance "makes a lot of sense."