Employment Opportunities

We are

The Christian Post is looking for like-minded professionals who place a high value on living in the Word of God and who are passionate about furthering His Kingdom through media.

Welcome to The Christian Post!

The Christian Post is a vision-filled company that aims to be a global Christian news leader.

At The Christian Post, we have a set of key beliefs that has and will continue to help shape the company into an influential, global instrument for furthering the work of God in media. We believe in uncompromising integrity when we report on a story or interact with one another and our readers.

The Christian Post is a provider of breaking news that is relevant to Christians, updating continuously throughout the day. While the news team is at the forefront of our company, we value all the different departments that allow our news team to thrive. Whatever location our staff work from or whichever department they work for, they are supporting a growing voice that strives to promote a healthier and more united Christian body.

Opportunities to Learn and Grow:

Employees of The Christian Post will receive valuable on-the-field, practical training to improve their reporting, writing, and interviewing skills. Senior editors work closely with reporters and, in some cases, closely mentor the reporter on how to navigate between balanced reporting yet still maintain a biblical perspective. Reporters will also have exclusive access to high-profile guests who visits the offices in New York and Washington, D.C., who sometimes will give a guest lecture to the staff.

Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Medical and Dental Plans
  • Snacks
  • Gym Access(DC Only)
  • Ocassional Fellowships
  • Paid Time Off