Donald Trump

Max Lucado Featured in Anti-Trump Ad Launched by Progressive Christian Group

A progressive faith-based nonprofit organization has launched a six-figure advertising campaign that highlights the immoral behavior of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and is designed to target millennial evangelicals and Catholic women during the last few weeks leading up to the election.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Immigration

U.S.-Mexico border wall

Arguably no issue has polarized voters more in this 2016 election cycle than immigration, particularly illegal immigration, and whoever is elected President will address this complex challenge and all its national security and economic dimensions.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Abortion

Donald Trump

While Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton prides herself on being one of the biggest supporters of abortion and the nation's largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, her Republican counterpart Donald Trump has made it clear that he will be no friend to the abortion industry if he wins the Oval Office.